In, out, in out, shake it all about

There's a right hullabaloo over the government's usage of tax payers money to send every household a pamphlet outlining their argument in 14 pages to stay in the EU. The £7 million price tag - an average of 34p per house - has been splashed across the front pages and the Brexit camp are up in arms calling it propaganda and a scandalous waste of money (although they've missed a trick, they should be asking how the digital aspect of the campaign has cost over £2 million ...).


Whether you are in or out for the purpose of this blog is immaterial. The interesting issue is the government's choice of media. The fact that they've chosen a door drop demonstrates the power of the post. Direct mail and door drops guarantee a reach that no other medium today can better. Their tangibility also ensures that the message quite literally gets into the hands of its audiences. Something that digital media, TV and radio simply can't do.


The leaflet is being likened to Wilson's 1975 campaign promoting the Scottish Referendum which goes to show just how enduring the channel is. In another 40 years direct mail and door drops will likely still be a legitimate marketing tool, whilst websites will inevitably have moved on and be passé.


The letterbox remains one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to target consumers - but it must be used responsibly. For organisation's wanting to leverage its power respecting people's property and privacy is fundamental. At the end of the day you should view it as an invitation into someone's house... You don't want to be the unwelcome house guest, which is why targeting is crucial.