The Joint Industry Committee for Mail (JICMAIL) is changing the way it is funded. Instead of charging a fee to access the data, through Royal Mail it will issue a small levy on postage costs, amounting to 0.3 per cent. This means that a mailer sending 100,000 items will be billed an additional £300 on its Royal Mail invoice. 

Launched in 2018 JICMAIL was set up by DMA, IPA, ISBA, Whistl and Royal Mail. It provides mail with the same metrics available for other channels, such as audience reach and frequency, data that is used by planners to help map out campaigns. 

The data is captured by Kantar TNS using a diary which follows each piece of mail over a four-week period across a sample size of 1,000 households. 

Since the pandemic mail has experienced something of a reassurance and the latest JICMAIL report shows that trust and engagement with the mail has soared during periods of lockdown. Therefore, making the data more accessible to advertisers will help to bolster the direct mail industry by helping them to enhance their campaigns and more easily integrate it into the marketing mix.  

JICMAIL is calling for registrations by 31st March and are offering free training sessions. Organisations not wishing to contribute to the levy can request a refund directly from JICMAIL.