Spring cleaning

Historically Easter was a time for spring cleaning - an opportunity to throw open the doors and windows, empty the house of its contents and give everything a thorough once over to get rid of the cloying wood smoke and soot in time for the beginning of summer. 

Today many of us continue the tradition. And whilst we might not go as far as piling our life's worth in the garden we certainly might don the marigolds and have a go at the cupboard under the stairs that hasn't had a working lightbulb let alone a dust in recent memory!

But it's not just our houses that need a good clear out now and again it is our businesses too - or rather our customer data. As most people know data has a shelf life and within a year as much as a third of the records within a database can be out of date. Consequently, a good spit and polish can do wonders for the ROI of marketing initiatives. Whilst we recommend regular data cleansing, which adheres to industry best practice, if nothing else this Easter why not take advantage of the many free data audits offered by data bureau and see if your data needs a good spring clean.